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Awesome but cant access my own items for sale?

Very good appli

Very useful as appli for anyone who are looking for a cheaper and good car...


Hoped, App would not longer crash so much, but its crashing more than ever :-(


Vind alles hier

It Workshop very well. Nice App!

Everything is working fine

Everything necessary seems to work. I dont miss an important function.




Best site ever for 2nd hand and new

English plz?

Why the app description in English when the app is in Italian or something. Help please?

Great app! Dutch trading site

Great app, it is in Dutch, but an extremely good and efficient system. Happy to be in an area where they have this one. I used to live in an area where craigslist was the site to use; what a horrible site compared to this. Well done! Now lets make the housing listing as nice as fundas website and we wont need realtors anymore!

No app for iPad

The biggest Dutch website doesnt have an app for iPad, I cannot believe this, what a shame.

Update with ads!

Do you like ads on your marktplaats app? Then go ahead, im not very happy with this adition. Makes the user experience quite unfriendly


Thank you

So much better than eBay.

Easy to use. No unexpected costs. Love it!!



Aplication is beter then website.


Great app! Very easy to list!!


Very handy

Very handy application, easy to use, quick, bang to the point.

only Dutch

5 stars for the English language option

English missing

Since so many people go to live to the Netherlands, an English version would be great. The app is amazing though!!

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